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Tears of the Moon

from Anatomy of a Mix Tape by Cherokee Starlight

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A poetic journey about the creation of the moon, imagined as two lovers.


Tears of the Moon

Colliding in the atmosphere, like two lovers on a train.
Hurling through space; predestined to meet for millions years. The encounter
was brief, yet meaningful. An eruption of passion
That shattered both into pieces, and gave birth.

Torn from the other, ripped away, a shard of longing, moving
at an equinoctial distance, the Moon awoke to isolation and loneliness.
Unable to reach her. Pulled from their great embrace. Unable to feed from her garden any longer. Unable to return to the rock from which it came; a splinter of its former self, and a glory
that it did not know yet.

Bound to look at her. Never to touch, or hold her ever again. Spiraling
further from all it had ever known, ever been, ever sought to be, the Moon awoke
with a great sadness pulling at its heart.

She tried to hold him. She tired to pull him to her bosom again; tried
to keep him all to herself, tried to remain whole, but he was leaving.
He was gone, gone, gone, rising through the dust-filled atmosphere.
So, she did the only thing that she could do...
She let him go.

But there in the void, growing between them, distance
spread out as time passes, they found a way. He would take his orbit,
and she would hold him there - breath within breath, each circling the other,
holding on to the invisible strands of the universe, like a rope swing tied to a tree.
Holding on to the invisible strands of love. Kismet lovers unable to touch;
unable to caress one another in the sun's naked light.

And for a time, this helped, but it was never enough.
Sadness drew upon their separation and clung to their ethereal heels;
And the Moon wept. He cried at having lost her.
Only to gaze upon her beauty from afar. It was unbearable.

Tears rolled down his cheeks, forming rivers through the tumbling slopes of her mountains.
They filled her valleys with moist longing. Desperate to touch; he cried all day and all night,
nourishing her deep crevices until wondrous oceans lapped at the curves of her sides.
Water swelled all around her, and though she felt as if she would drown by his tears, she did not.

All the green places took on more life. They grew more vibrant.
Lush with trees, forests swept across the landscape where once only barren rock had been.
His tears had made her beauty more radiant, more lovely, more complete in his eyes.
She took on a new shape, and he gazed at the wonder of her majestic nature!

Then he noticed something.
In the waves that touched her shorelines.
In the rippling waters that defined the lion's share of her essence,
he looked at her, and he saw himself.
Cascading across her flesh in a landslide of light, his reflection was touching her.
Caressing her. Holding her. They were finally together again.

But it wasn't fated to last. It was
only at night, and for just a brief time, when the stars kissed the sky;
they could be together. Between the moments
when the bright eye of the sun erased their touch, destroyed
their union, magnified their distance in his glorious brilliance. It was at night.
Oh, blessed night! Wrapped in a velvet blanket, she found him wanting her.

She laid bare her water. Those wet, undulating, diamond oceans
that he had given to her, so long ago. She found him, wanting.
Gently holding her in his magnificent reflection until dawn.
Bathing her in his light fingers. His radiant touch. And soon it became enough.

Not to have, but to hold.
To admire, and keep her steady in his orbit,
As she kept him in hers. After all, they had been through with one another
They had each finally found the other.
They found a way to simply,
and truly,


from Anatomy of a Mix Tape, released February 23, 2022
Poem Written & Performed by Stavros
Stavros - Percussion, & Vox
Lisa "Classical Heathen" Donald - Cello


all rights reserved



Cherokee Starlight Albuquerque, New Mexico

Music is! It's the language of my heart, my mind, and Spirit. It is the language of our Earth, the stars; it is life. Every vibration that moves within us, around us, and through us, can be heard, felt, and played. I play with the sounds of Folk, Rock, Punk, Funk, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, and Jazz to explore the journey of this odd flesh suitcase traveling down this organic ghetto. ... more

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